Drizzle Oil and Vinegar

Drizzle Oil and Vinegar

Bread Dipping in Olive Oil

Dipping bread in olive oil is a wonderful and delicious way to indulge in something that is actually good for you and can prevent the onset of coronary disease according to a report released by the American Heart Association.

Try bread dipping as an alternative to other less healthy appetizers. Bread dipping is essentially a Mediterranean practice whereby the texture and flavour of vegetables and bread are enhanced by dipping them into extra virgin olive oil. Bread dipping is enjoyed as a pre cursor to a meal of simply on its own.

Extra virgin olive oil alone is an ideal dip for bread but you may wish to experiment by adding subtle or intense flavours to your oil. Dried herbs and exotic seasoning can be used to create a dip that will excite your  taste buds. Use your favorite ingredients and your imagination.

Once you have made your extra virgin olive oil dip the possibilities for its use are endless! For example, pasta or a crisp salad can be transformed from the ordinary to the extraordinary when tossed in your unique dipping sauce. Or, simply pour over fresh steamed vegetables. And, don’t forget, all  types of meat can be infused with exciting flavours when left to stand in your dipping sauce prior to cooking.

Extra virgin olive oil is perfect for dipping sauces and should be the only type of oil used for this purpose. It is more expensive than virgin olive oil because of its rich flavour and the method used to extract the oil from the olive, but there is really no alternative as any connoisseur of olive oil will tell you. The flavour speaks for itself.

Dipping sauces are so simple to prepare and versatile to use. These sauces can be created and bottled in advance. If you have a hungry family or unexpected guests you will always be able to create a fantastic meal in no time at all! And, if you really want to impress add some cubed bread to some of your dipping sauces and enjoy the results.

If you haven’t made any dipping sauces in advance just add your choice of seasoning and herbs to your extra virgin olive oil and heat for a few seconds to allow the flavours to permeate the oil. However, because of the superb quality and flavour of extra virgin olive oil it can be served as it is ‘au natural’ with your choice of accompaniments.

It is easy to see why bread dipping in olive oil has become so popular. It’s fast and easy to prepare, good for your heart and a delight to serve at any time. 

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