Drizzle Oil and Vinegar

Drizzle Oil and Vinegar

Fish And Shrimp With Extra Virgin Olive Oil

One of the keys to the Mediterranean Diet is olive oil, and another is fresh seafood. Extra virgin olive oil is great with fish. There are many Italian seafood recipes that use extra virgin olive oil on the fish. EVOO is also excellent to use as a non stick oil to cook with. Even better, a mixture of butter and extra virgin olive oil can be the difference to a tasty treat of shrimp. Italy is a country with a very long coastline, and the variety and selection of fish sometimes appears limitless. On the west coast, the region from Genoa down to Naples, the fish are of the Mediterranean type, full of a strong sea-flavor. On the east coast, from Venice down to Bari, Italy fronts on the Adriatic and it is from this extraordinary body of water that some of the most delicate fish and shellfish in the world may be found.

From the Adriatic come scampi, a type of shrimp or prawn. Scampi are actually a distinct and separate variety of shellfish, although by some error, it has come to mean broiled shrimp prepared in garlic and olive oil. Nevertheless, Italian scampi are undoubtedly the finest shrimp in the world. Although American shrimp are excellent, scampi are absolutely incomparable and for this reason, Italian fish dishes are somewhat unusual to most Americans, who are accustomed to eating merely broiled or fried fish.

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