Drizzle Oil and Vinegar

Drizzle Oil and Vinegar

Olive Oil, Diet and Health

The health advantages of olive oil in the diet is proven through history

Olive has always played an important and in some cases focal part of diet. The properties of olive oil have been espoused for generations by those who understand its health benefits. Even from the advent of an age where our first tools were created, elements of the Mediterranean diet were instinctively used for the impact they have on our wellbeing.

There are many types of olive oil and they may not always suit an individual’s taste or palate. For some, the flavour of olive oil is not so appealing. For others, it is the saturated fat content that may cause some concern. In this vein it is well worthwhile researching the different types of olive oil available in the hopes of one being compatible with your particular needs. The type of olive oil that is most beneficial is extra virgin olive oil and to help you make a considered choice there are many different brands to choose from though the health benefits of each remain the same. The following are to name but a few: Pompeian, Spectrum, Tre Tomi, Bertolli, Antic and Italia.

The health properties of olive oil from countries in the Mediterranean have been thoroughly researched and the findings of many institutes that carry out such studies affirm that olive oil is indeed beneficial to health.

Olive oil contains monounsaturated fatty acids and well as other essential vitamins and as such is deemed to be an appropriate fat to maintain a healthy heart.

What the properties of olive oil do for you is to provide protection against coronary related illness, breast and colon cancer, arthritis and assist in enabling the gall bladder to operate efficiently. Olive oil also maintains a healthy heart by reducing arterial damage.

What may be of particular use to most people in their daily lives is that an intake of olive oil can be converted in the body to create energy.

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