Drizzle Oil and Vinegar

Drizzle Oil and Vinegar

Balsamic Vinegar for the kitchen

Many people are unsure of what balsamic vinegar actually is, and are under the mistaken assumption that it is a sweet red wine vinegar made from raisins and left to age for several years.

Balsamic vinegar is more of a category and not a single item. Three to four different levels of balsamic vinegar exist, and while all can be associated with the sweet Trebbiano grape, each balsamic vinegar is made differently, resulting in varying quality and function. Despite having a sweet undertone, no balsamic vinegars are in fact made from raisins. This mistaken thought likely comes from the process of wine making where the grapes are allowed to wither slightly before being harvested. This process increases the sugar content, and in wine making, this process is normally used to make dessert wines. However, this particular process in never used to make balsamic vinegar. Instead, the sweet flavor is derived from the grape, the process of turning the grape  into vinegar and the wooden barrels chosen to age the vinegar.

The first, and most premium balsamic vinegar was aceto balsamico tradizionale. Cultivated and aged in Modena in Emilia-Romagna, this was a superb combination of nature and man working together. It took until the 20th century for this north-central Italian speciality to become known around the world. Aceto balsamico tended to be kept within the family, only occasionally sold to outsiders, or given away as a gift to other relatives or dignitaries. The time required to produce this authentic product meant that it was never seen as a big business opportunity. This remains true even now, with the best producers of balsamic vinegar often pursuing other careers, simply keeping the vinegar they make for personal use. One particular producer of this fine vinegar created barrels for each child at their birth, and it will be only used once that child reaches adulthood.

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