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Chicken Cacciatore

Friday, June 27th, 2008

Chicken Cacciatore Recipe

1   3.5-lb Fryer, cut up into portion size pieces
one half cup olive oil
one half cup coarsely chopped onion
three cloves garlic thinly sliced
1   3-ounce can tomato paste
1 cup water
1   2-lb can Italian style tomatoes
1 cup mushrooms stems and pieces
one half teaspoon oregano
one half teaspoon salt
one quarter teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon granulated sugar

Heat the olive oil in a large skillet and then sauté the pieces of chicken until they are golden brown. Remove the chicken from the oil and set aside. Cook the onions and garlic in the remaining hot olive oil until the onions are transparent. Drain off any excess olive oil. Add the tomato paste, water, tomatoes with juice, mushrooms, oregano, salt, pepper and sugar. Bring to a boil and cook for five minutes. Now add the chicken, cover and cook for 30 minutes at a simmer. Serve with boiled spaghetti or broad egg noodles. As a variation, sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Serves four.

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Vinaigrette Uses

Thursday, June 19th, 2008

Using a vinaigrette other than as a salad dressing. Fresh vinaigrette is the ideal accompaniment for fresh salad produce and can be created perfectly by blending some seasonings with olive oil and vinegar. However, there are many ways to incorporate this versatile salad dressing into your cuisine. Sauces and marinades are just two ways that vinaigrette can be used to produce delicious results.

The green goddess vinaigrette is a modern version of a classic vinaigrette and was created by replacing mayonnaise by egg yolks and using white vinegar.

To create any vinaigrette the basic ingredient ratio should be strictly adhered to and will guarantee success. The traditional proportions are three parts oil to one part vinegar and seasoning. If you have these basic elements correct then you can start to be creative with your ingredients and create vinaigrettes to suit your personal taste by adding your favorite ingredients.

To create a vinaigrette you need to start with the right basic ingredients and these are oil and vinegar. Extra virgin olive oil is preferred by most, however, there are a variety oils flavored with nuts which can be substituted and if the flavor of extra virgin olive oil is too strong for your palate some lighter oils such as canola, grape seed oil and you could try toasted sesame oil can be used to complement ingredients that are used to create a dish that is redolent of the Far East.

The choice of vinegar can be viewed in much the same way. Balsamic vinegar is an extremely popular choice because of its rich flavor, however white or red wine vinegar can be used to achieve excellent results as long as you choose the best quality possible. As in your choice of oil you will similarly find a wide range of vinegars to suit your individual taste, for example there are many made from citrus fruits, rice vinegars or even a squeeze of pure lemon or acidic fruit juice will work well.

Citrus or fruit flavored vinaigrettes are extremely popular. Lemon and raspberry are two types of vinaigrette that have a wide appeal. Other flavors that can be added to create a really delicious dressing are garlic, olives, anchovies, the grated zest of citrus fruits, both fresh and sun dried tomatoes to name but a few.

Some of the ingredients used to create a vinaigrette may not be compatible and will not create an emulsion unless an emulsifier such as egg, mayonnaise or Dijon mustard is included. The ingredients will then blend together for a limited period of time without separating. However, if the mixture does separate this can be easily remedied by transferring to a food processor or blender and briefly whisking until the composition is once again emulsified.

By putting together your own preferred ingredients to create this vinaigrette means that you can use the end product not only to dress salads but as a marinades or a sauce to accompany meat, fish or poultry. If you have ever tried an Argentinean chimichurri you will understand this concept.

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Vinaigrette Recipe

Monday, June 16th, 2008

Luscious strawberry vinaigrette with yogurt This recipe will give you about 1 ½ cups or 375 mls of dressing

1 cup or 250 ml of extra virgin olive oil

1/3 cup or 75 ml of vinegar (aged balsamic)

½ teaspoon or 2ml of kosher salt

½ teaspoon or 2ml of black pepper, freshly ground

1/3 cup or 75 ml of preferably plain Greek yogurt, or plain fat-free yogurt if Greek style is not available

3 tablespoons or 45 ml of strawberry jam (all fruit type)


This dressing is made by combining all the ingredients and transferring to a blender. Blend until perfectly smooth and serve. If the dressing has stood for some time you will need to quickly pulse the ingredients before use.

Vinaigrette Mexican Style

This recipe will give you 1 ½ cups or 375 ml

1 cup or 250 ml olive oil

1/3 cup or 75 ml cider vinegar

Half of a peeled and destined avocado

1/3 cup or 75 ml of cilantro that is fresh and has been chopped

½ teaspoon of both: kosher salt, black pepper freshly ground

1 tablespoon or 15 ml (amount can be adjusted according to preference) jalapeno pepper, chopped

This dressing is made by combining all the ingredients and transferring to a blender. Blend until perfectly smooth and serve. If the dressing has stood for some time you will need to quickly pulse the ingredients before use.

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