Drizzle Oil and Vinegar

Drizzle Oil and Vinegar

How to make a quick easy vinaigrette

Easy Vinaigrette Marinating meat is the only thing you should use store bought vinaigrette for. If you are wishing to dress a salad made from fresh summer salad vegetables the best advice is to create your own. It is certainly less expensive, it tastes delicious, and the added advantage is that it is actually a healthier option.

Creating a good vinaigrette can be easily achieved if you are aware of the oil to vinegar ratio. Obviously this can be adjusted according to taste but an accepted rule of thumb is one portion of vinegar to three portions of oil.

A classic vinaigrette recipe is usually made from using olive oil and vinegar but there are a variety of interesting vinegars made from the juice of citrus fruits that can be used in the same way. Similarly for the oil ratio, and there are several different types of oil made from ingredients other than olives such as nut, vegetable or seed. As long as the proportions are correct your vinaigrette dressing will be successful.

What ingredients you choose to create your vinaigrette depends upon what it will be used for. For example, you will need to consider the types of vegetables it will be used to dress and what additional herbs and spices are most complementary. If you are creating a traditional Chef’s salad which is composed of meat and cheese amongst other things you should be creating  a dressing that works well with and balances the fat content, so one that is preferably high in acidic content is ideal. In this case the type of oil you choose should be quite bland to complement the sharper flavour of the vinegar.

Ingredients added to the vinaigrette have a bearing not only on the flavour but of the consistency. Yogurt may be added to create vinaigrette that has a thicker more robust texture.

A creamy thickening constituency can also be achieved by using other ingredients without your dressing becoming too calorific. You might like to consider blended produce such as roasted red pepper or sun dried tomatoes, both of which add lots of flavour and texture. For those who are unconcerned about counting calories some slices of avocado are wonderful additions. However, for a dressing that is full of flavour and not too thick you will find that fresh herbs will be the ideal ingredients to use in the preparation of this kind of vinaigrette.

The best way to make herb vinaigrette is to blend all the fresh herbs, oil and vinegar in a blender. Below are a few recipes to help you get started. Once prepared these dressings can be stored in the refrigerator but they should stand at room temperature just prior to serving.

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