Drizzle Oil and Vinegar

Drizzle Oil and Vinegar

Italian bread for dipping

Gourmet Bread: An Italian Cuisine Staple

Food and cooking has and always will be a passion for the people of Italy and bread will never be absent in their cuisine. Their love for cooking springs the motto ‘a love of simple foods prepared with care and with fresh baked bread of course.” In Italy, masterpieces are made from simple, homegrown ingredients that are prepared and presented in a special way. In anything that they cook – whether it be pasta, fish, meat, or vegetables – there is always bread to accompany every meal.

Just like olive oil, which a fundamental part of Italian cooking, bread has always been a staple in any meal. These two items can be found on every kitchen and dining table in Italy. Though simple and modest, this component of Italian cooking is found to be served in a variety of ways and is used in so many different things. Bread may be dipped in fresh herbs and spices, drizzled with oil, or as an accompaniment to pasta. There is bread for stuffing, bread as appetizers, bread for making breadcrumbs, and bread for toasting. One of their most famous appetizers or snacks combines two of Italy’s most fundamental ingredients: bread dipped in extra virgin olive oil.

It is no doubt that bread dipped in olive oil is one of the most scrumptious things one will ever taste on this planet, and it is amazing how such a simple things can bring so much pleasure. Supermarket breads never do authentic Italian baking any justice, and you would do well to select a good quality bread in order to enjoy this snack to the fullest. Be creative when making your olive oil bread dips and experiment with different ingredients to enhance the flavor of your olive oil.

There are a lot of options out there to choose from, and specialty breads are abundant. The common and highly popular French loaf is a long baguette dusted with sesame seeds on top. The Panelle, which is a Sicilian favorite, is a bread with a crusty outer layer yet soft and delicious on the inside, offers you that real brick oven taste. The wide selection of baguettes, French, Panelle, ciabata, or Tuscan bread all give you a chance to enjoy what real bread in Italy would be like.
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