Drizzle Oil and Vinegar

Drizzle Oil and Vinegar

Olive Oil dip and appetizer

The Wonders of Olive Oil Dips

According to the American Heart Association, olive oil has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease and heart attacks. It is because of this that olive oil has become such a popular condiment, and it is used widely in cooking and meals. One very popular way of enjoying olive oil, though, is by using it as a dip.

Olive oil dipping is very simple in that it just involves dipping flat Italian bread or steamed vegetables in pure extra virgin olive oil. This dip and snack has become a very popular healthy alternative to appetizers and the like, and is a versatile snack for any occasion. Olive oil dipping sauces are great and can be incorporated with a number of different flavoring ingredients to create unique and varying tastes. Try adding lemon juice, sun dried tomatoes, cracked black pepper, or basil and other herbs to your oil and let it stand for fifteen minutes, or heat it in a microwave for about ten seconds in order to allow the tastes to blend together. The possibilities with olive oil dips are endless and you are free to add anything you desire to meet your personal taste preferences.

One of the great things about olive oil dips is that they are not exclusively for dipping only. They can also be used as marinades for meat, or bases for salads, or as pasta dressings. These dips are also sometimes drizzled over grilled or steamed vegetables and the flavors they create are just magic. When using pure olive oil for dipping, no other oil should be used except extra virgin olive oil. This oil will cost a little more than the average olive oil, but its intense flavors and aroma make it worth the extra spending. What’s more is that extra virgin olive oil can be used straight out of the bottle with no other flavoring added. This first press oil has flavor that is able and strong enough to stand on its own. Good quality extra virgin olive oil can be served as is with flat bread or vegetable sticks.

There are other ways of incorporating your olive oil dip into your food. If you wish to carry on the flavors of your dip onto your main course, go ahead and drizzle some of your dip onto your main dish, or use it as a marinade. The flavors from your dip will carry over to your entrée and bring more interesting flavors.

So for your next party or gathering, consider using olive oil dips as your appetizer or serve it as the snack. This quick, easy, and healthy alternative is sure to please anyone who is looking for new ways of eating healthy and right.
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