Drizzle Oil and Vinegar

Drizzle Oil and Vinegar

Olive Oil from Liguria

Ligurian Olive Oil

When compared to the strong and fruity olive oils of Apulian or Tuscan regions of Italy, Ligurian olive oils are relatively mild – a fact for which they are well known. Land for cultivation is not easy to come by in Liguria and most plantations are situated on steep terraced slopes on hillsides that stretch all the way down to the sea. Despite this, the olive oil industry here is thrives due to the mild climate being ideal for olive tree growth. The origin of olive cultivation in Liguria is the subject of some dispute, with some claiming that it was introduced by monks while others believe that early adventurers from the Orient brought it along with them. Some even insist that olive tree plantations have existed in Liguria since the Ancient Roman era.

The Imperia and Savona provinces play host to the largest olive groves in the Eastern portion of Liguria. Of  the many cultivars grown here, perhaps the most familiar is the Taggiasca, the region’s principal variety of olive. Other varieties include the Marino, Razzola, Colombaia, Olivana and Lizona varieties. It is widely held that the court of France received its first introduction to olive oil from Caterina de’Medici, who taught the sovereign the art of eating artichokes dipped in a simple sauce of olive oil and salt know as Pinzimonio.

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